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Real Pet Stories

i've got piece of mind, and they have an appropriate diet they enjoy... -Mary

We love bringing pets and their parents closer together!

If dogs and cats could talk … well, our homes would be completely different. Imagine what they’d say about your outfit yesterday. Of course, they would rave about Vital Essentials®. It’s amazing what a balanced, raw food diet does for your cat, or how healthy, high-protein, grain free food changes your dog’s well-being.

We’re truly humbled by the praise. After all, Vital Essentials is simply sharing the best parts of what nature created. We’re just thrilled that so many pet families appreciate our efforts. When pet parents experience the benefits of Vital Essentials, they naturally want to talk about it. And, we invite you to share your story, too!

Share Your Story with Us!

Here, we’ve collected dozens of real stories that we’ve received over the years, each celebrating a unique bond and fulfilling life. Click “read more” for the complete real pet story. Or, click a specific pet type to only see stories from dogs or cats.

racing dog in blue outfit

Phlint the Whippet races in Indiana and is powered by Vital Essentials. He eats VE Wild Boar and Beef Tripe.“To…

black puppy french bulldog

“I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for creating such a wonderful and amazing food! I’vebeen…

yellow lab after swimming

When we brought Malcolm home at 8 weeks his coat was dull, thin and coarse. It reminded me of the…

pet kitten sitting in a chair

I recently got an adorable new kitten named Luna. I decided to feed her a raw diet because my friend…

german shepard mix dog

“Raw food means a healthy, happy dog. I feed Vital Essentials frozen beef patties for a complete diet to my…

black dog laying on the grass

“Rogue is a one year old Blue Bay Shepherd. He has been on raw ever since I picked him up…

pet dog on the grass

“Romper is a four year old pit bull boxer mix who has been raw-fed for the last three years. He…

black cat with green eyes

“Vesper is a vibrantly healthy five-year old cat who has been raised on Vital Essentials raw since I adopted him…

pet in dog show

“My Vital Essentials fed dog, Kouga, WON THE HOUND GROUP at a recent dog show!  The judge commented on how…

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