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Real Pet Stories

i've got piece of mind, and they have an appropriate diet they enjoy... -Mary

We love bringing pets and their parents closer together!

If dogs and cats could talk … well, our homes would be completely different. Imagine what they’d say about your outfit yesterday. Of course, they would rave about Vital Essentials®. It’s amazing what a balanced, raw food diet does for your cat, or how healthy, high-protein, grain free food changes your dog’s well-being.

Here, we’ve collected dozens of real stories that we’ve received over the years, each celebrating a unique bond and fulfilling life. Click “read more” for the complete real pet story. Or, click a specific pet type to only see stories from dogs or cats.


I tried the Vital Cat Frozen Rabbit entrees after receiving a coupon for a free bag! My cat, pixie, has…


Thank you so much, Vital Essentials. My little Ember is still learning which foods are her favorite, and many of…


Our kitty Zuzu absolutely loves the Vital Cat Duck Frozen Chub Entree. Vital Essentials seems to be a lot more…

Asha, Mack, Fox, & Ruby

My cats love Vital Cat Frozen Entrees! I like that the patties are 2 oz each; one patty per cat…

Wu & Snow

We started out kittens on the raw patties from Vital Essentials from the first week we adopted them as kittens….


Scout is the pickiest eater; she refuses to eat any wet food and only eats a small amounts of her…


I just wanted to extend a huge thank you to you and the Vital Essentials crew for sending Cha some…

Willow & Denali

Thanks Vital Essentials for making high quality products my cats love and this momma can trust. This was our first…

Ivy & Ella

We adopted Ivy and Ella from the same foster home when they were 4 and 5 months old. As soon…

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We’re truly humbled by the praise. After all, Vital Essentials is simply sharing the best parts of what nature created. We’re just thrilled that so many pet families appreciate our efforts.

When pet parents experience the benefits of Vital Essentials, they naturally want to talk about it. And, we invite you to share your story, too!