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Real Pet Stories

i've got piece of mind, and they have an appropriate diet they enjoy... -Mary

We love bringing pets and their parents closer together!

If dogs and cats could talk … well, our homes would be completely different. Imagine what they’d say about your outfit yesterday. Of course, they would rave about Vital Essentials®. It’s amazing what a balanced, raw food diet does for your cat, or how healthy, high-protein, grain free food changes your dog’s well-being.

We’re truly humbled by the praise. After all, Vital Essentials is simply sharing the best parts of what nature created. We’re just thrilled that so many pet families appreciate our efforts. When pet parents experience the benefits of Vital Essentials, they naturally want to talk about it. And, we invite you to share your story, too!

Share Your Story with Us!

Here, we’ve collected dozens of real stories that we’ve received over the years, each celebrating a unique bond and fulfilling life. Click “read more” for the complete real pet story. Or, click a specific pet type to only see stories from dogs or cats.


I have seen a significant increase in Buddy and Lady’s functioning while using the Relief and Revive chews. As for…


100% Freeze-Dried meat is the only treat I give to my dog and Vital Essentials is one of the best…


I love that they’re made with REAL natural ingredients. No junk. My dogs LOVE them. I have been using them…

cbd dog treats anxiety relax

Shortly after the passing of our elder dog, our younger dog, Harvey required three surgeries within the following month.  Following…

raw dog food healthy treats

Bo goes nuts when I pull out the treats, especially these fishy minnows. I like that they are single-ingredient, support…

healthy dog food raw freeze dried

My dog has been on the raw diet for years and it’s always hard to find treats to give him….


I love their products. It’s amazing. Can tell it’s real meat. Love love love.  @𝐫𝐞𝐱_𝐭𝐡𝐞__𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐨 -Jamie S.


Vital Essentials is one of my favorite brands. Their products are healthy and the fact that they are single ingredient…


I recently found out about your products when we had an emergency with one of our cats. His name is…

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