Vital Relief Challenge for Local Support

Cat Stories

pet cat eating treats from vital essentials

I have been giving my dog Bentley VE products for months but my cat Bella was getting jealous of his…

cat with tongue out

“Leeloo was a stray kitten near garbage cans when she found me. We have a very strong bond and now…

pet kitten sitting in a chair

I recently got an adorable new kitten named Luna. I decided to feed her a raw diet because my friend…

black cat with green eyes

“Vesper is a vibrantly healthy five-year old cat who has been raised on Vital Essentials raw since I adopted him…

pet kitty sleeping on white and blue blanket
Captain Cowboy

“Captain Cowboy has a sensitive stomach.  He eats whatever is in front of him, but then he’ll show me he…

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