Dog Stories


My senior husky went from slipping when she’d try to stand, and her back legs trembling out from under her,…


I’m Jennifer, my dog Peach is a huge fan of Vital Essentials. I wanted to reach out and tell you…


Baloo has always been a picky eater with a sensitive stomach, and finding the right food for him is challenging….


Just a note of thanks for helping us save and improve the quality of life for our 16+ year old…

Blue & Kona

The relax snacks really calmed them of their nerves when they are anxious and my picky eater likes them too….


I actually saw a difference in my dog. there are so many products that make claims but you can’t see…


The relief hemp chews, they worked amazing for my dog with hip dysplasia. – Ally

pet dog with cbd treats

We drove 30 hours in the car from Chicago to Arizona and our dog starts to get anxious after being…


The Hemp Chews taste great; my dog loves them. They help calm the anxiety and fear of my big mastiff…

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