Dog Stories


Vital Essentials mini nibs have allowed Camo to eat the raw food that his body does best on while still…

Barney Jose

Barney being a basset hound they usually tend to be a smelly breed. Since we discovered the raw salmon skins,…


Kasey is 15 and she suffers from a torn ACL; it cant be fixed because she has a heart condition….


My senior husky went from slipping when she’d try to stand, and her back legs trembling out from under her,…


I’m Jennifer, my dog Peach is a huge fan of Vital Essentials. I wanted to reach out and tell you…


Baloo has always been a picky eater with a sensitive stomach, and finding the right food for him is challenging….


Just a note of thanks for helping us save and improve the quality of life for our 16+ year old…

Blue & Kona

The relax snacks really calmed them of their nerves when they are anxious and my picky eater likes them too….


I actually saw a difference in my dog. there are so many products that make claims but you can’t see…

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