Dog Stories

white fluffy dog on a carpet

“Hi, my name is Beejay and I live in Arizona with my mom and dad.  I’m five years old and…

pet boston terrier

“I have been feeding raw since 1995 or before. I am a breeder of Boston Terriers. I feel my AKC…

five golden retrievers wearing medals

“As Breeder/Trainer our dogs, Health is of utmost importance to us. Vital Essentials Frozen entrees give our dogs the best…

scruffy the dog

“When we started on the food he was so lethargic and now has lots of energy. Also he has lots…

VE vital essentials logo

“With 8 years’ experience as a washed-up Cascades climber trekking and climbing the Washington Cascades with an idefatigable Welsh corgi,…

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