Freeze-Dried snacks are a great option for maintaining a healthy smile, keeping your dog or cat mentally stimulated and of course spoiling them with their favorite snacks!

Freeze-Dried Necks are an excellent source of calcium, phosphorous and other trace minerals to help support overall pet health and wellness.

Freeze-Dried snacks like Moo Sticks are great for aggressive chewers and can helpsupport healthy chewing in young and mature pets. These also support joint health.

Freeze-Dried Salmon Skins are a great source of omega 3 fatty acids that can help support a healthy coat and make your pet’s fur shine!


Reward you pup or kitty with healthy and nutritious treats that are unique and exciting. See below for all the information about what our snacks are made of and even how they can benefit your pet’s health.

Considering a snack for you pup and don’t know what to choose? Visit our blog for tips on shopping the RAW BAR. You’ll be sure to find their new favorite treat!

There are so many benefits to treating with freeze-dried snacks and it can be a fun experience for your pet. Freeze-dried raw products are not only more natural and satisfying for your dog, but they provide key nutrients without any junk ingredients, making them Gluten Free, Grain Free and Guilt Free®.

Nutritional Value

These exotic freeze-dried treats add protein, fatty acids, calcium and trace minerals to your pets diet. Because they are single-source snacks, they’re just what they say they are, and contain no other added ingredients. Snacks like chicken necks, duck necks, and bully sticks are an excellent source of energy!

Oral & Mental Health Support

The chewing and chomping of freeze-dried snacks supports oral heath, which impacts the overall health of your pet and provides mental stimulation. Duck heads and pig snouts offer a satisfying chew that will keep their smile beautiful (and their breath less smelly). It’s important to keep an eye on those gums and teeth. Learn more about dental health tips for pets in our blog post.Keep your pet engaged and entertained with some of our longer-lasting options, like bully sticks, moo sticks, and pig ears and snouts. Offering protein packed snacks will also make your pup less likely to chew on something they’re not supposed to (like your favorite shoes).

Are freeze-dried snacks better than dehydrated snacks or chews?

Our freeze-dried snacks are made from high-quality ingredients sourced in the USA and offer more nutrients than dehydrated products. Why? Because of how each process removes moisture. Vital Essentials uses a slow 48-hour freeze-drying process to lock in nutrients without high heat or “cooking”. If you take that same food and dehydrate it, you are placing it under extreme heat to cook out the moisture which leads to a loss of nutrients. Not only does dehydration lack key nutrients but the high temperatures can make some bones brittle which can be unsafe for pets.

How is this better for your dog or cat?

Not only will your pet feel more satisfied from the higher protein content, but they’ll also experience an overall improvement in health! Freeze-dried raw snacks contain nutrients that are easier to absorb, often providing more energy, mental stimulation and supporting clean teeth. And, those are just a few of the benefits!










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Are Vital Essentials Raw Bar Snacks Safe for Your Pet?

Learn why exotic treats and snacks like Vital Essentials Chicken Necks, Duck Heads, and Pig Snouts are safe for your pet from animal nutritionist, Dr. Richard Patton.

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